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The Lettings Process

In order to keep this simple, we cover this aspect in 4 ways.

Rental Advice and Valuation

During the course of our initial visit, we will give constructive but manageable advice on the general aspects relating to the Lettings process.

In particular, we will give you an idea of the rental value of your property which will take into account its location, size and condition, whilst concurrently establishing what your aspirations for the potential let are, such as allowing children, pets and smokers, in order to obtain the best market rent for your property.

Your Responsibilities as a Landlord

We will explain in outline the basic Legal background to the letting of your property, including your requirement, should you have a mortgage, of the need to contact your lender. Other individuals who will need informing of your intention to let are potentially the freeholder (if you are a leaseholder), your insurance company and in due course all of the Utilities, including the Council.

Preparing Your Property to Let

Experience has proven that a property in a well presented good clean condition, will not only let more quickly, but also achieve a higher rent thus maximising your rental return. As importantly, properties let in a good condition and subsequently maintained as such, almost always get looked after better by the Tenants.

Your Obligations as a Landlord

As a responsible Landlord you will have certain obligations and responsibilities to complete, including specific Health and Safety aspects, in law, associated with letting.

Although currently this only applies to Gas Installations, any supplied soft furnishings and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, there is also an implied duty of care to consider, including certain electrical aspects.

We will advise you of these implications in advance of any letting and in due course, as part of the Letting process, make the arrangements on your behalf to fulfil these obligations.

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